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Disposing of old, or unwanted computers and electronic material has been a problem in our communities for quite some time.  
At Gold Circuit E-Cycling, we intend to provide the absolute best solution.  With the proven leadership of over 12 years in the industry, our business model enables us to keep costs down for the customer while responsibly recycling all materials, and keeping your data secure.

What We Offer

Stop by our facility and unload your electronic junk.  We'll even help you unload your vehicle!

 Free Recycling of Most Items

Recycle Your Styrofoam, Corrugated Cardboard, & Fluorescent Lamps

Tiny CheckMark Secure On-Site Hard Drive / Tape / Floppy / CD & Paper Document Destruction

Tiny CheckMark Downstream Strictly with R2 or e-Stewards Vendors

Tiny CheckMark Absolutely No Overseas Shipping to Developing Countries

Tiny CheckMark 100% Domestic CRT Leaded Glass Recycling

Tiny CheckMark Certified On-Site Refrigerant Evacuation of All CFC Devices

Whether you are a resident or business, we can help you do right by recycling your material! (Ludlow residency NOT required)



Helping Schools Recycle Responsibly

Elementary SchoolsSchool Recycling!Colleges

If you are a school, either Elementary, Middle, High School or College level, contact us today and we'll schedule a pickup and recycle all your end of life computer equipment at absolutely no cost to you!  In addition, take a look at our printer ink and toner recycle buy-back program, as it's a great way to earn extra money for your school! 

Expect the Highest Standards

Responsible Recycling

Our vision is clear.  We hold ourselves and our downstream vendors to the highest standards. We are proud to model our business and partner only with R2 Certified, or e-Stewards Recyclers. “R2 is the leading standard for the electronics recycling industry setting a high bar for practices that protect the environment, human health, safety and the security of the recycling process.”  -R2Solutions.org

Computer Pile

CRT Glass Insulated Wire High Grade Circuit Boards
Baled Plastics CRT Yokes Transformers
This is what we do.  Complete tear down and demanufacture of every item that enters our facility.  The process is clean, safe and secure.  Components such as these are separated so that they may be appropriately recycled.


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