EPE- Expanded Polyethylene   
Often referred to as "squishy", or "spongy" foam. This foam is labeld as #4 LDPE and is often used as soft packing material for various computer and electronics components. EPE is densified via a hot melt application, and sent to manufacturers where it will be recycled into new products.


EPS- Expanded Polystyrene
Often mistakenly referred to as "styrofoam", this foam is labled as #6 PS and is used as various coolers, fish boxes, pre-formed packing block, and sheet form. EPS is densified onsite via a hot melt application, and sent to manufactures where it will be recycled into picture frames, building moulding and other framing materials.


XPS- Extruded Polystyrene
Insulation board manufactured by Owens Corning as Foamular (pink), or Dow as Styrofoam (blue board).  This foam is manufactured to be much more dense than EPS, which makes it suitable to be used as wall insulation board for homes and buildings during contruction.  It is densified onsite via either hot melt or cold compaction and sent to manufactures who recycle the material into new foam products.
Pellet Fuel Bag

Pellet Fuel Bag
#4 Low Density Polyethylene or LDPE Pellet Fuel Bags are baled on site, and sent to manufacturers where they will be recycled into new products.


Shrink Wrap
#4 Low Density Polyethylene or LDPE stretch wrap or shrink wrap is used by most businesses to wrap product on pallets.  It is collected and baled on site and sent to appropriate recyclers who repurpose the material.